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How to paint over mould

 What you will need:

§         Zinsser Mould Killer 

§         Zinsser Universal Cleaner & Degreaser 

§         B-I-N® Primer Sealer 

§         Perma-White® Interior 

In this guide we show you how to block mould and mildew stains permanently whilst achieving a decorative finish.


Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from anything that will interfere with the adhesion of the materials to be applied. Remove loose and failing material by scraping or brushing with a stiff bristle brush to a sound edge. Feather sound edges with a fine grade abrasive paper. Remove all visible signs of organic growth and treat the areas with Zinsser Mould Killer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to dry.

In areas with remaining sound paint clean down with Zinsser Universal Cleaner & Degreaser to remove any contaminants. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all residues. Allow to dry. Fill any cracks and small surface defects with a suitable filler as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to dry. Rub down with a fine grade abrasive paper. Remove all dust.



Prime all stained, bare and filled areas with one coat of B-I-N® Primer Sealer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow a minimum drying time of 45 minutes in normal drying conditions.



Decorate with two full coats of Perma-White® Interior Matt, Satin or Semi-Gloss in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow a minimum drying time of two hours between coats.


To Prepare and Paint New Galvanised Steel

Galvanising steel can offer long term protection up to 25 years depending on the galvanising  process used and the environment of the finished structure.

For aesthetic purposes and to further improve the life of the structure,  preparation and application of a recommended paint system designed for application onto to galvanised steel may be required.

These recommendations can be used for painting any galvanised structures i.e. fencing, street, furniture, radio masts and structural steelwork.

To prepare the new galvanised steel ensure the surface is degreased using  Kenyon Paints Prep Clean  removing all contamination   Iis always recommended to use Kenyon Paints T Wash Mordant Solution to improve adhesion of a subsequent paint system.  

Apply  the T Wash to all areas by brush, rag roller or spray.  DO NOT allow the T Wash to pond on the surface.   When dry the surface should be ‘blackened or dark grey’, any surface not ‘blackened or dark grey’ indicates the presence of contamination, lightly abrade these areas, degrease and re apply T Wash.  On weathered galvanising the appearance after treatment  will vary from black to light grey.

On larger areas of galvanised steel  the sweep blast method of adhesion may be preferred, it shall be undertaken in accordance with BS EN ISO 12944-4 to surface roughness ‘ fine’ in accordance with BS EN ISO 8503-2, this method should always be carried out where the galvanising is to be immersed in water or buried.  Generally it is recommended to use T Wash prior to application of the preferred paint system.

The T wash should be dry prior to application of the paint system.

For a recommended paint system call Kenyon Paints on  0161 624 4941


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